The Advantages of Neoprene for Water Enthusiasts.

I love the neoprene jackets, vest, shorts and gloves at H2OWear.

 Some clients get chilly even if the water is warm.  The air might be cooling them too much or there might be a breeze from either being outside or from the HVAC system. If wet shoulders are out of the water the water evaporates and muscles will tighten creating tension and pain.

I use the jacket if the air is chilly or the client is just overall cold.

When we get in cold water our blood is shunted from the extremities to the thoracic area to keep the vital organs functioning. Poor blood flow to the extremities is not beneficial and will limit mobility and all movement possibilities.

I use the vest if the air is fine but the water is cool.

I use the shorts if the water is cold.

It sometimes seems that a full neoprene suit would work well but a full suit (even a shortie with no sleeves) requires too much maneuvering and is difficult on the joints and balance.

Finally, I like the gloves because they help to keep the clients’ hands warm. Cold hands leads to more pain that radiates up to the shoulders. 

Ruth Sova MS ATRIC

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