5 Benefits of Post Aqua Natal


Giving birth is life-changing. Afterwards, you have your own tiny human to enjoy, but you will also notice some changes in your body. This is an important time to give yourself plenty of grace and to really focus on self-care. Exercising in the water can be an important element of that self-care. You may find some post aqua natal classes at a local pool, or you can do some basic water aerobics or swimming at your own pace. In either case, here are a few benefits of exercising in the water during the post-natal period.

Stress Relief

As much as you love your baby and motherhood, there are certainly some stressful aspects of being a new mom. There is nothing wrong with admitting this or with doing things to alleviate your stress. Exercising in the water can be one of those things. Exercise in general is great for stress relief, as it triggers the release of endorphins, or feel-good hormones. Exercising in the water is one of the more relaxing, stress-relieving ways to fit movement into your day. Water is known for being calming, and the instructors at post aqua natal classes typically encourage you to go at your own pace.

More Regular Bowel Movements

After giving birth, it can take some time for your bowel movements to become regular again. Water aerobics can really help with that. Moving your body can help "get things moving" down there. And the water will give you the support and joint relief you need to exercise a bit more vigorously than you'd be able to exercise on land. The stress reduction that comes with post-natal exercise can also help you become more regular again.

Improved Posture

When your abdominal and back muscles are weak and exhausted from giving birth, your posture can suffer. It may be hard, at first, to sit up straight with your shoulders back. If you don't work on your posture, however, you may find yourself struggling with back and neck pain.

Water exercise can help strengthen your back and abdomen, which is a good first step to improving your posture. It can also just make you more aware of the way you're sitting and standing throughout the day. As your posture improves, you should find yourself dealing with fewer aches and pains in your neck and back.

Weight Reduction

Many women can't wait to return to their pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth. It's important, though, to take things slow, and not be too hard on yourself. Your body just did something amazing! There are more important things than how much you weigh. With that being said, however, post aqua natal can help you burn calories and start shedding some of your extra pregnancy pounds. It's gentle, aerobic exercise that can raise your metabolism and also build muscle. 

Improved Core Strength

Women often feel like their cores are weak after giving birth. This can be even more pronounced if you had a C-section. It's important to do some exercise to start strengthen your core again, but exercises like crunches may be hard in the beginning. When you do water aerobics, though, the water will support you mid-section so you can enjoy a good, but gentle core workout.

Post aqua natal classes, or really any form of water exercise, can be really beneficial for women who have recently given birth. If you're looking for clothing that helps you feel confident and supported in the pool, explore the options from H2O Wear. Our one-piece suits are popular with new moms.

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