5 Benefits of Wearing Gloves for Water Aerobics

By: Laurie Denomme, Water Exercise Coach

 It’s really well documented that exercising in water can result in amazingly positive fitness gains. But are you really using the water? Are you protecting your joints? Are you getting the most from your sessions? When you know how to properly use the water to FEEL your way through your workouts, really great things can happen and wearing gloves is a big part of that. 

 Here are five surprising benefits to wearing gloves that help you use the water and feel your way to better results:

  1. Move More Water (i.e. Get Stronger!) - Too often people just ‘go through the motions’ in water exercise, bouncing from one move to the next. After all, it's easy to get lost in the joy of freely moving in water, right? But wearing gloves makes your hands become like the web of a duck’s foot, increasing resistance and getting your arms and shoulders stronger in less time. 
  2. Protect Joints - As well as increasing strength and tone, wearing gloves slows down your movement, meaning you’ll automatically avoid quick, jarring motions that place unnecessary stress on the shoulders and elbows. Gloved hands in aqua aerobics can also soothe arthritic joints by keeping hands warm, too. 
  3. Greater Stretch - Our tech-burdened hands can get a unique kind of stretch when you let them be fluid and relaxed in moving against the water. Wearing gloves can gently pull the fingers forward and back for a feel-good muscle-lengthening water-assisted stretch. 
  4. Fire Up The Core! - When you wear gloves in water exercise, movement becomes slower and requires more control. This automatically allows you to target the midsection more in every movement, making every exercise a core exercise.
  5. Improve Bone Health - Not only are you building more strength when you wear gloves, but once you’ve got awareness of your feel-good range and you’ve practiced basic moves against resistance, wearing gloves helps you increase that effort and supports strong and healthy bones.

 When you know how to use the water it becomes the ultimate training tool. Aqua gloves really help you sense the resistance of water to protect the joints and feel your way to a stronger and more flexible you.

 Want to learn how to use gloves in your water exercises? Watch a video demonstration of how all of these things are applied to common water exercises

[Click here to watch video]


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