5 Pool Exercises for Burning Fat

Exercising in a pool is a great way to build strength without putting too much strain on your joints. But pool workouts can be a great way to torch calories and burn fat, too. In order to burn fat effectively, you need to keep moving and keep your heart rate up. It's a lot easier to do this when you aren't tempted to stop because your joints are aching or your feet are sore!

Simply swimming around casually for 30 to 60 minutes will help you burn fat, but it's not exactly the most entertaining way to spend time in the pool. If you're someone who enjoys having a more specific workout routine, here are some fat-burning exercises to include.

Pool Walking With Ankle Weights

This is a great one for anyone who doesn't swim well or who is not very coordinated. All you really need to do is walk! Ankle weights will add resistance and drag, so your heart rate really climbs, even when you're just walking slowly through the pool.

To make walking with ankle weight more interesting, you can do intervals. Walk one lap at a brisk pace, and then walk another recovery lap very slowly. Walk another lap at a brisk pace, and then slow down again. Repeat as many times as you are comfortable.


Kickboarding is a good exercise that not only raises you heart rate and burns fat, but also engages your core. You can hold a kickboard out in front of you, and then kick with your feet to propel yourself through the pool. You'll feel like a kid again, which definitely helps keep you motivated!

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a great full-body workout, but they can be a little hard on your joints when performed on dry land. In the pool, though, they are a good, aerobic, fat-burning choice that should not challenge your joints too much. 

It's best to do jumping jacks in chest-level water. Start with your feet together and your arms at your sides. Then, in one motion, part your feet and swing your arms over your head. Start by doing just 10 repetitions, and then resting for 30 seconds. Over time, work your way up to doing 30 or even 50 jumping jacks at a time.

Poolside Kicks

You can get a great, fat-burning pool workout without even letting go of the side of the pool! If you're not terribly confident in the water, you can even do these pool exercises while wearing a life preserver. 

Hold onto the wall with both hands, and let your feet drag out behind you. Start with flutter kicks, moving your legs up and down rapidly. Keep this up for 2 - 3 minutes, and then transition into scissor kicks, where you move your feet from side to side. Take breaks as needed, but aim for a workout that's at least 20 - 30 minutes long for maximum fat burn.

Arm Lifts

If your lower body is sore, you can get a good, fat-burning workout by focusing on pool exercises that work your upper body. Stand in chest-high water. Start with your arms at your sides, and then lift them both out. Lower them again, and then lift them to the sides again. Repeat for 5 minutes, rest, and then do another 5 minute session. Repeat.

Do one, two, or all of these pool exercises, and you'll be torching fat in no time. Of course, you'll be most comfortable working out in well-fitting, chlorine-resistant swimwear. Check out the options from H2O Wear, and get your sweat on.


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