Which Water Exercises Help Osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is a condition that causes your bones to grow more brittle with age. It is most common in women, but it can occur in men, too. There are medications to help manage osteoporosis, and doctors also tend to recommend lifestyle changes to help keep the bones strong and free from fractures. One of these lifestyle changes is getting more regular exercise.

Exercising in the pool can be a great option for those with osteoporosis. The pool decreases the risk of injuries due to slip-and-fall accidents. The water also absorbs some of the shock, making lower-impact workouts possible. But what exercises and movements should patients with osteoporosis be focusing on? Here are a few of the best water exercises for osteoporosis.

Aqua Jogging

Jogging in the pool is great for osteoporosis patients. It is a weight-bearing activity, which means it requires you to support your weight with your legs throughout. This stimulation can help keep your bones stronger. Aqua jogging also strengthens the muscles you use to walk, which will make you less likely to fall and injure yourself on land. Falls often mean fractures for osteoporosis patients, so improving your stability when walking is wise.

To aqua jog, you need to be in water that's at least up to your waist. Chest-high water is better. Jog slowly through the water. Go at a steady pace. If you cannot carry on a conversation while you're jogging, you are pushing yourself too hard.


Doing lunges in the water can help stretch and strengthen your hips. This is important since the hips are the joints most frequently broken when you have osteoporosis. Strengthening them can help guard against this.

To do a lunge, start off in waist-deep water with your legs together. Step as far forward as you can with one foot, sinking your hips lower in the water as you go. Hold this position for as long as is comfortable. Five seconds is a good starting point. Then, take another, similar step forward with the opposite leg, again sinking down into your hips. Lunge across the pool until you've done 10 reps with each leg.

Jumping Jacks

If you don't have a lot of pool space, jumping jacks are one of the best water exercises for osteoporosis. You do them just like you do them on dry land. Thankfully, in the water, they put a lot less pressure on your joints, which makes them safer for those with brittle bones.

You don't have to bring your arms all of the way up over your head when doing jumping jacks in the pool. Bringing them up to your waist is sufficient.

Aquatic Dance

If you prefer less regimented exercise, then look for some aquatic dance classes in your area. These tend to be good for osteoporosis patients because they are low-key and allow you to move through the water at your own rate. Aquatic dance also involves a wide range of movements, so you'll be strengthening muscles and bones throughout your body. This whole-body fitness can make falls — and the often-resulting fractures — less likely. 

If you have osteoporosis and have been struggling to find a suitable exercise routine, give the above water exercises for osteoporosis patients a try. Each exercise has its own benefits, but they can all be performed in a pool where you feel safe and comfortable. Should you need new swimwear for your pool exercise sessions, check out the options from H2O Wear. Our chlorine-resistant swimwear is perfect for club pools, and it will help you look fashionable, too.

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