Chlorine Resistant Swimwear for Pool Workouts

Pool workouts can be incredibly beneficial. Working out in a pool allows you to really challenge yourself without putting too much stress on your joints. And there are so many ways to get creative with your workouts — from swimming laps, to water aerobics classes.

No matter how you work out in your pool, though, it's important to have the right swimwear. You need swimwear that is not only comfortable and supportive, but will stand up to the effects of chlorine in the pool.. Chlorine resistant swimwear is essential for anyone who works out regularly in a pool.

Chlorine resistant swimwear - H2O WearWhat is chlorine resistant swimwear?

If you've ever worn a  fashion swimsuit for your pool workouts, then you've probably learned, firsthand, what can happen when your swimwear is not made to withstand chlorine exposure. After just a few uses, the fabric fades. It also starts to lose its elasticity. Even if the swimwear initially offered support and comfort, after exposure to chlorine, it becomes loose and may become transparent.

Chlorine-resistant swimwear is made with strong fabrics that do not degrade in  chlorine. The outer fabric,lining and thread  are all made from polyester, a synthetic fabric known for its chlorine resistance. The fabric will hold  its color, and it will also retain its shape and elasticity. You don't have to worry about your favorite bathing suit getting saggy..

Whether you are someone who does pool workouts weekly or daily, chlorine-resistant swimwear is worth the investment. In fact, the swimwear from H2O Wear comes with a 1-year warranty — so you know it will last.

What styles of chlorine resistant swimwear are appropriate for workouts?

Really, this depends on your preferences. For a classic look that you can wear to swim laps, participate in water aerobics classes, and everything in-between, an athletic back support tank is a versatile choice. These suits are line with chlorine-resistant material for comfort and coverage. They are designed to keep them from riding up while you move.  If you're looking for something more modest, a ruched front support tank may suit your needs. The shirred front panel camouflages your mid-section.

Some people prefer to do their pool workouts in separates. Zippered tops can give you some added support and security, and they are reinforced with neoprene for the ultimate in durability. For more conservative separate bottoms, chlorine-resistant aqua shorts are a great choice. They come in both baggy and more fitted styles, and in a wide range of sizes. One advantage of working out in separates is that you can choose tops and bottoms of different sizes. If you need a large on top but medium on the bottom, for example, that's no issue.

You may want a cover-up to toss on after your pool workouts, perhaps while you're cooling off or chatting with your coach. These are also made with chlorine-resistant fabric. You can find both short-sleeved and long-sleeved coverups. The come in bright, fun colors. And of course, thanks to the chlorine resistance, you don't have to worry if your cover-up gets splashed with pool water; it will not fade.

Working out in a pool is fun and effective, especially when you have the right swimwear. Browse the selection of chlorine-resistant swimwear available from H20 Wear. From one-piece suits, to separates, to coverups, we have everything you need for a comfortable and supported pool workout.

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