6 Fast Facts About Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

If you're tired of bathing suits that stretch out and fade after only a few uses, then it's time for you to switch to chlorine resistant swimwear. This swimwear is specifically engineered to resist chlorine damage, which means it lasts a lot longer — and looks good while doing it! H2O Wear is proud to offer chlorine resistant, ChloroGuard™ swimwear to our customers. Here are some fast facts to help you learn more about these exceptional products.

Chlorine resistant swimwear is made from polyester.

Customers often wonder how swimwear is made to be chlorine resistant. The answer lies in the fabric. The chlorine resistant swimwear from H2O Wear is made from 100% polyester. This includes not only the outer fabric, but also the inner liner and the thread. Polyester is a really durable material that resists chlorine damage, maintaining both its elasticity and its color over time.

Chlorine resistant swimwear lasts a year or more.

Our swimwear is guaranteed to last one year. However, how long it lasts will depend, in part, on how often you swim. If you are someone who only ventures into the pool once or twice a month, your swimwear will last a really long time. And even if you swim daily, you can expect to get a year out of your chlorine resistant bathing suit. Cheaper bathing suits may only last two or three months before they get too stretched and faded to wear.

Chlorine resistant swimwear is easy to care for.

When you finish swimming, all you have to do is rinse your swimwear with clean water. You can use a gentle, chlorine-removing wash, too. This will minimize the contact time between the chlorine and the fabric, helping your swimwear last even longer. Many customers rinse their swimwear in the sink. You could also simply wear it into the shower when you rinse off.

Chlorine resistant swimwear is machine washable.

You don't have to fully wash your swimwear after every use, so long as you do rinse it out. However, when you do wash your swimwear, you can do so in the washing machine. There's no need to wash by hand. Put the machine on its gentle cycle, and use cool or cold water. Make sure the detergent you use is mild, too. Unscented detergent for babies is usually a good choice. You don't want to use anything that might leave a film behind on the material.

Chlorine resistant swimwear comes in various colors and styles.

Sometimes customers picture chlorine resistant swimwear being boring, plain-colored, or mundane. But this is not the case at all! H2O Wear offers all sorts of different styles of swimwear, from support tanks to swim briefs. You can find both one-piece and two-piece options. On top of that, you can find solid-colored fabrics, bold prints, and subtle prints. Make a statement or blend into the crowd. It's all up to you.

Chlorine resistant swimwear is easy to size.

Reference the size charts on our website to see what size swimwear you should order. Since chlorine resistant swimwear is nicely elastic, the fit will feel snug and supportive from day one, onward. If you gain or lose a couple of pounds, your suit should still fit.

Chlorine resistant swimwear is a smart choice for swimmer of all ages, abilities, and genders. It's easy to care for, easy to size, and will last through a year or more of regular use. What's not to love? Browse the options from H2O Wear, and discover your perfect, chlorine resistant suit.

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