Why Choose Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

Chlorine resistant swimwear from H2O Wear is made to stand up to the harsh chlorine in pool water. It's not the lowest-priced swimwear on the market, but customers continue to choose it, again and again. There are really two reasons why our chlorine resistant swimwear is so popular: quality and value.

The quality of the swimwear is clear from the moment you try it on. The outer fabric, inner fabric, and thread are all made from durable polyester. This swimwear offers you support and comfort from day one, onward. Chlorine does not cause the material to loose it stretchiness or color. Each style is carefully cut to be both flattering and functional. Every time you step into the pool, you feel just as confident as the last.

The high quality of our chlorine resistant swimwear makes it valuable and well worth its price. Here are a few more specific ways in which our swimwear offers value.

A Longer Lifespan

The ChloroGuard™ material used to make H2O Wear is so much more durable than the material used to make most bathing suits. You can count on chlorine resistant swimwear to last at least a year, if not longer. And that's with regular pool use! Compare that to lower-cost, more typical bathing suits that often get stretched out and faded within a three or four months of regular wear. You'll go through two or three standard suits before you wear out a chlorine resistant one.

Yes, a chlorine resistant bathing suit costs more. But compare the cost of one bathing suit from H2O Wear to that of 2 - 3 other bathing suits, and you'll see that H2O Wear is the more affordable choice in the long run. A $40 bathing suit isn't a great deal if you need a new one every couple of months.

A One-Year Warranty

We know our customers have high expectations for our ChloroGuard™ swimwear. In fact, we want our customers to have high expectations. That's why we stand behind our products with a one-year prorated warranty.

This warranty really makes H2O Wear a great value. First of all, the fact that the warranty exists at all means we're pretty confident our swimwear will truly stand the test of time. Second of all, the warranty helps ensure that if something unexpected does go wrong, our customers are protected.

Our prorated warranty guarantees that the swimwear will retain 90% of its elasticity for one year after purchase. That's an excellent deal, considering that many standard bathing suits become stretched out and un-supportive in half that time. If your H2O Wear does let you down — and we're pretty confident it won't — you'll be granted a prorated refund.

H2O Wear is proud to offer extremely durable, long-lasting, chlorine-resistant swimwear. Not only is our high-quality swimwear a joy to wear, but it also offers excellent value, thanks to its long life expectancy and warranty. Our swimwear comes in a wide array of colors, patterns, and styles. We encourage you to browse our selection and choose the pieces that best suit you.

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