The Benefits of Water Aerobics

These days, it seems like there are more workout programs than you can count. From dance routines to barre classes, there truly is something for everyone. One fitness option that doesn't always get as much attention as it deserves, though, is water aerobics. If there is a gym or pool facility near you offering water aerobics classes, definitely sign up and give it a try! There are so many benefits associated with getting in the water and splashing around.

Water aerobics give you a full-body workout.

Are you tired of visiting the gym to work your arms one day, your legs the next, and your back the day after that? Maybe you'd rather do one workout routine that strengthens and tones you all over. Water aerobics does just that. While there may be some moves that work your legs more than your arms, or vice versa, just being in the water and moving against it puts all of your muscles to use. Since most people who do water aerobics want to get a full-body workout, the routines tend to be designed with this in mind.

Water aerobics get your heart pumping.

When we say water aerobics works every muscle in your body, we mean it. And your heart is one of those muscles! Even slower-paced water aerobics routines will get your heart rate up, which is great for building cardiovascular fitness. If you want to protect yourself from heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular ailments in the future, keeping your heart strong is key, and water aerobics can help you reach that goal.

Water aerobics is easy on your joints.

So many other aerobic exercises are hard on your joints. Jogging, for example, puts a lot of strain on your knees and hips since these joints have to absorb the shock of every stride.

When you work out in the water, though, the water helps protect your joints from trauma. If you already have some arthritis or an old injury bothering you, water aerobics can be a way to get a great workout without causing your pain to flare-up. In the long term, working out in the water can prevent you from developing issues like arthritis, too. If you want to stay active as you grow older, focusing on low-impact activities is key, and one of the key benefits of water aerobics is its low-impact nature.

Water aerobics is fun and face-paced.

Although there are exceptions, most people don't enjoy workouts that feel like work. They want their workouts to be fun and engaging, and to take their mind off the physical strain they are exerting. This is one of the major benefits of water aerobics. The instructors are careful to design routines that will keep you engaged and energized. The moves are always changing, and upbeat music keeps you pushing.

Water aerobics is suitable for all fitness levels.

There are beginner classes for those who are just beginning to work out, and there are more advanced classes for others who are pretty fit already. It's also easy to modify the routines in most water aerobics classes. You can simplify moves or slow down if you're not as fit, or speed up if you want more of a challenge.

Hopefully these benefits of water aerobics have inspired you to join a class and get moving! 

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